Effective date May 8, 2022
Version v. 1.0

These Terms for Referral Program (hereinafter – the Program) are an integral part of the general Terms and Conditions, which you accept when accessing the Site, however these Program Terms apply to you only if you decide to participate in Program.


Referral link is a link that contains a unique sequence of signs and figures referred to your Account.

Referrer is a person who used your Referral link to join the Site and create an Account.

Remuneration is a percent of all payable amounts made by the Referrers who used your Referral link to open an Account.


  • 1.1. The Program is available to any registered Accounts.
  • 1.2. The Program may be suspended or discontinued at any time, without prior notice at sole discretion of the Academy.
  • 1.3. The Academy may introduce changes to the Program and to the Remuneration procedure without prior notice, please check this Program Terms and respective page of the Site from time to time during your participation in the Program.


  • 2.1. In order to participate you shall open a respective page of the Site and copy your unique referral link that is available at your Account immediately after registration.
  • 2.2. The Referral link may be provided only to persons over 18 years old. It is your sole responsibility to make sure the all your Referrer are eligible to use the Referral link to join the Site.
  • 2.3. It is only your responsibility to provide your Referrers with the valid and accurate Referral link. Please not that any claim regarding the wrong provision of Referral link that lead to lose of some portion of Remuneration will neither be considered nor investigated.
  • 2.4. In case Referrer makes multiple Accounts, only one registration will be counted for the purpose of the Program.
  • 2.5. You may be suspended from use of the Account if you violates the rules of Program, either a) the Program Terms were breached or circumvented or b) any other form of abuse was committed in relation to the Program or c) the spirit of the Program, which is to increase the use of the Site, was violated or d) harmed the reputation of the Academy.
  • 2.6. The Remuneration may be paid only upon fulfillment of all conditions of the Program published at the Site.
  • 2.7. The Remuneration rates and schemes of calculations are available at the Site at the respective section; please check this section before participating in the Program.
  • 2.8. In case you refer a large number of Referrers, you may be imposed additional conditions for using the Referral Program in your Account, which shall be binding on you. If you decide not to accept those conditions please make sure that you cease from enjoying the Referral Program.
  • 2.9. You are responsible for handling any possible tax consequences of Remuneration you receive.
  • 2.10. The Remuneration shall be calculated once per calendar week and will be shown at the Account balance not more than once per week.
  • 2.11. There is no limitation imposed by Site on the withdrawals of the Remuneration, however the blockchain network or payment intermediaries may have they own limitation, please check before proceed to withdrawal.


  • 3.1. You shall not publicly (including on the Internet) criticize or otherwise offend any participants of the Program or Academy.
  • 3.2. These Program Terms do not constitute an agent agreement pursuant to applicable legislation.
  • 3.3. Neither Academy nor any officers who helps or involved in the Program operation do not accept any responsibility or liability for any violation of rights, breach of legislation or other regulation that you may commit in relation to the Program. It is your sole responsibility of complying with all legislation applicable to you.
  • 3.4. It is forbidden to harass or spam people: no unsolicited emails and no post mails to people not known to you personally are permitted.
  • 3.5. You shall not act or pretend to be acting on behalf of any third party including legal entities or natural persons that may be associated with the Academy or any financial regulation agencies, bodies or officials. You can only act in your own name and represent yourself.
  • 3.6. It is not allowed to publicly (including on the Internet) promoting or referring to legal entities or services subject to regulation, prohibitions such as but not limited to financial institutions, casinos, financial services, gambling, lotteries, etc., whether these legal entities or activities are connected with Academy, with the Program or not.
  • 3.7. It is absolutely prohibited to collaborate with any organizations or natural persons involved in illicit, criminal, terrorist or otherwise offensive activities.
  • 3.8. You may not promising or promoting illegal or offensive acts by you or by third parties.
  • 3.9. It is not allowed to offer additional remuneration or benefits for using your Referral link to increase the number of your Referrers.
  • 3.10. You shall not pass your Referral link to any third party for the purpose of spreading your Referral link for attracting new Referrers. Each Referral link shall remain strictly personal.
  • 3.11. You shall not pretend to have any kind of exclusivity or using any other misleading or false statements.


  • 4.1. Hereby you confirm that you decided to participate in the Program upon your own initiative, without any solicitation or pressure and that you will bear entirely and solely any and all liability for possible expenses and damages you may incur in the context of your participation in the Program. You will not hold any third party liable or responsible for such expenses and damage.
  • 4.2. You confirm that you have a valid ID document to complete your identity and verification.
  • 4.3. You have read, understood these Program Terms and unconditionally accepted to comply with them.