Effective date May 8, 2022
Version v.1.0.

This Refund Policy is an inalienable part of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “the Terms”) and all terms shall be used in a concurrent meaning.
If you have any questions about this Refund Policy, please contact [email protected]
The Academy provides Services in accordance with the Terms independently and/or with the assistance of third parties, who are duly authorized entities.
We may authorize third party payment intermediaries that will process some or all of the payments conducted at the Site.
Any individual with full civil capacity and at least 18 years old who accessed the Site and underwent the registration procedure in order to receive the Services may act as the User, who is a subject to this Refund Policy.

1. Refunds

The Academy do not provide a refund to the User in any possible scenarios.

The funds provided as a payment for the Services (Subsciption) are not refundable, please before proceeding for the payment check all the details of the Service you choose to make sure it fits your requirements or wishes.

The refund is impossible both in digital and cash forms.

2. Transactional details alert

The Academy strongly encourages the User to review the transaction details carefully before attempting any operations with funds. It is a User’s responsibility to check the transaction details and credentials.

The User bears the sole responsibility for their own omissions, misspellings, typos, mistakes, and other errors that may lead to the loss of funding or the wrong amount of funds intended for transfer.

All funds sent to the wrong address will not appear at the User’s Account balance and is not a subject to the refund.

3. Chargebacks

In order to combat potential fraud our policy on chargeback is as follows:

  • a) Once a chargeback occurs with respect to an Account, that Account will be suspended.
  • b) Fraud alerts and requests for information (i.e., cardholder or card-issuing bank querying authenticity or alike) may be treated the same way as chargebacks.
  • c) If multiple chargebacks happen with respect to the same Account, we reserve the right to terminate that Account.